Creating your own green gold

Turn your everyday kitchen and garden waste into beautiful, rich, sweet smelling compost. Compost is known to improve the texture of soil by increasing its organic content, microbial activity and water holding capacity, makes soil permeable, and keeps your plants’ roots happy and healthy.


If decomposed correctly, fresh compost should have  a pleasant earthy fragrance, a deep brown colour, and be moist to the touch.

Good compost needs a healthy nitrogen (fresh green waste) to carbon (dried brown waste) ratio, and the right amount of moisture. Most compost should have a pH in the range of 7.2 to 7.8.

Let's also give thanks to our Fungi friends who help us decompose a tremendous amounts of waste in nature.

Depending on the size of the pit or pile - your compost can be ready within 3-4 months if monitored correctly