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Organic gardening workshops

The Organic Gardening Workshops at Under the Tree will help you re-connect with nature within the city in a way you didn’t think possible. Our tag line 'Make your own shade of green' stresses on just that fact. We promise to unearth the gardener in you!

  • gardening basics
  • Kitchen gardening
  • The Great indoors
  • Garden in a bottle
  • Flowers flowers everywhere
  • Grow your own
  • Composting
  • Gardens for butterflies
  • The eternal rose
  • The exotic orchid & the feathery fern
  • Gardens by the sea

Workshops we offer:

  • Gardening Basics

    For those who want to step into this the green and delightful world, but don’t know where to start, this workshop is ideal for you. We will cover a good mixture of common indoor and outdoor plants, the right tools required and how to use them appropriately, watering, potting/re-potting, when to fertilize and how much, pest and disease control (organic methods), pot size and placement.

  • Kitchen gardening

    - for handy herbs & more

    This workshop is specifically for people that have smaller spaces at home (like sunny window sills and balconies) and still want to grow as much as possible. We will go a through a variety of herbs and leafy vegetables, their care and maintenance, and also help you get creative with the containers you plant them in.

  • The great indoors

    Learn how to keep your indoor plants healthy and happy. This workshop takes you through 10 types of common Indoor plants, their basic necessities and placement around the home, choosing the right containers, watering, pruning, fertilizing, organic pest and disease control and propagation techniques.

  • Garden in a bottle

    Learn the art of sealed Terrarium making in a day at Under the Tree. See how plants end up creating their own little ecosystem within a bottle. Select the right plants, learn the right planting techniques and all that goes into creating something extraordinary to place around your home. And best of all, it’s absolutely maintenance free! Mini landscapes are also extremely attractive to have in your window, balcony or terrace gardens.

  • Flowers flowers everywhere

    This Workshop is predominantly meant for lovers of the sun, the outdoor gardener. Under the Tree teaches you how to get your plants to bloom and grow. Learn the basic necessities of outdoor plants, and all their various maintenance requirements and all this in a field trip to Green Grower Nursery in Karjat.

    Lecture and field trip to Karjat farm
  • Grow your own -

    An Introduction to growing your own herbs and vegetables in the city

    This workshop goes through seed sowing do’s and don’ts, transplanting stages, choosing the right containers, fertilizer regimes, composting, organic pest and disease control, and a whole lot more! (Lecture and practicals)

  • Composting

    Learn how to recycle your kitchen and garden waste in two different but easy ways, pick a method most suitable for you.

    Talk and field trip to Mahim Nature Park
  • Gardens for butterflies

    Discover the importance of butterflies and follow their lifecycle in the garden. Learn all about the various fruiting and flowering plants that encourage the stages of metamorphosis and how to care for and maintain them. (Lecture and Demo)

  • The eternal Rose

    No garden is complete without the Rose plant, but they can be a bit of a challenge to maintain, especially in the city. This workshop promises to help guide you through various stages of rose maintenance and provide you with practical tips to help you, help your plants flourish! (Lecture and Demo)

  • The exotic orchid and the feathery fern

    Step into the distinct and fascinating world of Orchids and Ferns. At this workshop, learn all there is to know about caring for these exotic species in the garden, their placement, containers, watering, fertilizer and propagation methods and homemade remedies for organic pest and disease measures.

  • Gardens by the sea

    We who live by the sea, know how difficult and cumbersome it can get to garden by the sea. Under the Tree will walk you through a list of trees and shrubs that can be planted around the coast and plenty of practical tips on how to care for them so to achieve success in the garden! (Lecture and Demo)