How it all began.

One of my first memories as a child, was running up to the roof of my home and finding my grandmother delicately tending to her three hundred odd varieties of rose plants, a grape vine and a glass house full of cacti — all this in a bustling suburb of Mumbai.
Anusha Babbar
Founder, Under the tree
Started working at Green Grower Nursery

Anusha’s grandfather inaugurated Green Grower Nursery - a Div Of Pest Control India Private Limited - in 1998. Having found her own green passion, she took root within the nursery and discovered her inherent connection with Mother Nature. In turn she headed to the University of Melbourne, Australia, for Post Graduate Diploma in Horticulture in a hope to understand nature better.

2005 - 2011
Learning the ropes of the "growing" business

On returning, Anusha spent the next phase living and working at the family’s plant production facility, a 25 acre farm on the outskirts of Mumbai. As Assistant Divisional Manager she involved herself in all aspects of this “growing” business, from landscaping, to tree transplanting, running two retail garden centres and more.

Under the tree was formed

Ten years since and having had the opportunity to work and travel in various parts of India, Anusha felt an overwhelming need to expand her reach to people within cities and share with them a little bit of her passion. This is how she started Under the Tree in February 2012.


And today at Under the Tree, she has conducted numerous workshops on an array of topics - ranging from sealed terrarium making to herb & vegetable growing. She has created food forests and nature trails, and set up vegetable farms and native gardens in and around Mumbai and Maharashtra, Goa, Delhi, Pondicherry, Chennai and Hyderabad.

Supplying city folk with fresh produce was one of her dreams, and this she was able to accomplish in 2016 after setting up Harmony Farms in Karjat. Now, she hopes to further this mission in Goa, her new base.